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MAR 13 & 14

This is Accelerate.

Our vocal courses will provide you with mock auditions in front of Directors and Musical Directors, as well as Technique training from a West End Vocal Coach.  All classes are on Zoom & can be done from the comfort of your own home without the pressures of a studio.  

Choose between our Technique Package and/or our Mock Audition Package.  Utilise your time wisely; Get Prepared.

Pure Vocal Technique

Sat - 10am - 1pm 

Sun - 12:30pm - 3:30pm 

Technique + Mock Audition

10am - 3:30pm (inc. 30min break)​

*Very Limited Spaces*

Get back on your singing game, keep the voice fit & ready or introduce yourself to the world of vocal technique.

The West End vocal wizard himself, Matt Shaw will be working with you on all technical aspects of the voice including the SPLAT technique; tilt; twang and many more. 

Our technique packages offer you 3 hours per day of technique and an invaluable Q&A with renowned casting directors ready to give you the inside scoop. 

This package doesn't include solo singing, so it is perfect for those wanting soak up all those technique tips and tricks without added pressure.


SAT Pass: £25.00

SUN Pass: £25.00

Weekend Pass: £32.50

(Inc. Booking Fees)


Auditions will be back upon us before we know it, so give yourself a an edge for when the door flies open again.


Our mock audition consists of everything in the Technique Package plus:

- Audition Prep. Lecture 

- Mock '3rd round' recall audition 


During this course, you will be asked to prepare audition material which will be sent to you and you will showcase this to the corresponding Director.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will be sent recall material & instructions, to learn & prepare 4 days prior:

Sat/Sun - 1 song per day 


Mock Audition Prices

SAT Pass: £47.50

SUN Pass: £47.50

(Inc. Booking Fees)


Matt Shaw

Vocal Technique


Matt Shaw

Vocal Technique

Natalie Gallacher

Casting Q&A

James Pearson

Casting Q&A

Mark Collins

Audition Prep

Steve Moss

Audition Prep

Richard Beadle

Mock Audition

Stephen Witson

Mock Audition


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